The Interview: Melanie Morris

New York based interior designer known for her modern aesthetics, high-end residential projects and custom furniture.

For the December issue of Portraits, we had the opportunity to do a special interview with Melanie Morris from Melanie Morris Interiors. Melanie is a top New York based interior designer known for her luxury large scale residential and commercial designs. In addition to her high-end interiors, she also has her own line of custom furniture called the Wrap Series. These unique pieces are carefully crafted with materials such as acrylic, brass and leather.
We have had the opportunity to collaborate with her on several residential projects and are alway amazed by her professionalism and attention to detail. We are very happy to feature Melanie under Portraits and hope you enjoy getting to know her work. 


Who is Melanie Morris and please tell us a little bit about your design studio and practice.

I am an interior designer who specializes in large scale luxury residential design. I am driven to create aesthetically beautiful spaces but believe that practicality is a key element as well. I have a deep passion for interiors, and I take each client through the process step by step to ensure they not only love the outcome but also enjoy the experience.  Designing with personality can mean the difference between a good design and a great design.


 Phtography by Marco Ricca.


 Photography by Adam Macchia


What were you doing before becoming an interior designer? How has your past experiences influenced your work?

I was actually an attorney in my prior life. After practicing law for some time and realizing that it was not for me, I organically gravitated towards my longtime passion for interior design. Many people outside of the industry cannot imagine that the actual creative portion of interior design is only 20% of your day and that the remaining 80% is all business. My experience as a lawyer provides me with keen business acumen to maintain an organized and truly operational design firm. I wanted to do something that brought joy to others, while being creative, and maintaining my business sense all at the same time. Interior design was the perfect opportunity.



Photography by Ken Hayden.


"I am driven to create aesthetically beautiful spaces but believe that practicality is a key element as well"

 Photography by Ken Hayden.


What drives your design decisions? Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

I gather inspiration from everywhere! I realize travel is limited now, but different cultures offer many unique patterns, designs, and applications. Books and magazines are great inspirations and through the platforms of Instagram and Pinterest, social media has become another amazing source. My biggest inspirations are Ghislaine Vinas and Kelly Behun. I am always in awe of their extraordinary use of furnishings, textiles, and art. 


Tell us about which job up to date are you most proud of?

I am very appreciative and fortunate to have worked with many wonderful clients, some on multiple residences.  It is so flattering when a client wants to work with you again as you know not only do they trust your vision but they trust you!  I recently completed a “designers wish come true,” as it was a bachelor who placed 100% trust in me to create the home of his dreams.  My hope is to leave an indelible design not only in creation but in spirit with all my clients.


Phtography by Marco Ricca 


 Phtography by Marco Ricca


Which are some of the most important design events that you attend? Which is your favorite and why do you think it’s so important to go to these shows?  

Salon Art & Design showcases the most beautiful pieces of collectible design.  I am always in awe walking that show and leave with so much inspiration.


 Photography by Adam Macchia


  Phtography by Marco Ricca.

"My hope is to leave an indelible design not only in creation but in spirit with all my clients"

If you had a chance to interview an artist or designer, dead or alive, who would that be and why? 

My most favorite artist is someone I discovered on Artsy named Rafael Silveira. His recent show at DDG gallery had me so immersed in his contemporary surrealist imagery.   Recently I was lucky enough to procure my most favorite piece and when I finally saw it in person, I was able to really appreciate his brushwork technique and other hidden elements in his composition.  I would love to sit down with him to gain a true understanding of his vision and process.


Who is one of your favorite furniture designers at the moment?

I have always been a huge fan of Sebastian Herkner, Patricia Urquiola and Jaime Hayon and of course Aquirre Design. 


If you had to choose three products for an upcoming project from the collection of Aguirre Design, which would they be?

 Kaimana Desk, Malagana Dining Table and Spaniol Cabinet. 


If you had to choose three words to describe your personal style which would they be?

My personal style described in three words is happy, polished, and comfortable.


 Photography by Adam Macchia.


One word answers: 

Residential or Commercial?  Residential
Old or New?  New

Aesthetic or functionality? Aesthetic

Black or white?   Black

City or Suburbs? City

Favorite city in the world? NYC!


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November 30, 2020