The Interview: Cesar Giraldo

The most beloved interior designer in Los Angeles.


Cesar is a Colombian born fashionista whose aesthetics can be defined as an ongoing dialogue between innovative contemporary design, and the timeless craftship of the past. Based in LA, Cesar has gained a unique reputation for his high-end residential and commercial designs. In this interview, he invites us to know a little more about his inspirations, challenges and design aspirations.


Who is Cesar Giraldo, where are you from and how this has influenced your Interior Design practice?

I’m from Medellin, Colombia. Nature has always been the force where I find inspiration. Colombia’s lush topography, the mountains, the vibrant colors and the beautiful energy of the people were the first sacred elements that fueled a desire in me to express creativity, and it is something I carry with me.



 What do you find most challenging about being an Interior Designer?

 The compromise between budget and design.


 What’s the most exciting part of being a designer?

 I’m constantly in motion and evolving as I’m exposed to beauty and innovative design.



What do you do when you’re not working, tell us about your hobbies?

Given the intensity of my work days, I really enjoy spending time in silence and catching up on reading. That’s a true luxury.


How and where do you find inspiration?

I go hiking every day. I find inspiration in nature. All of my creative ideas start in the mountains.


 Photography by: Benny Chan


 Photography by: Benny Chan

Do you have a morning routine to start your day?

I love lighting regardless of the time of day. The first thing I do is turn on all my lamps, drink a cup of Colombian coffee and then go for a hike.


Most exciting moment of your career thus far?

The moment I decided to only work with people that I really like.


How has living in Los Angeles transformed your essence and aesthetic? What is so unique that the city has to offer?

Having access to the ocean, the mountains and the desert constantly inspire my senses. There are so many exciting things happening in Los Angeles. We are fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive design community that offers incredible craftsmanship. The art scene is also thriving, which I deeply appreciate as art plays an important role in my work.



What is your favorite furniture showroom in Los Angeles and why?

Ralph Pucci—it’s beautifully curated and celebrates furniture as an art form.


Best designed Hotel in Los Angeles and why?

The NoMad hotel. It makes one feel sexy the second one walks in. It was originally built in the 1920s as the headquarters of the Bank of Italy. Today the interiors are masterfully designed, balancing the Neoclassical architectural style with old Hollywood. I particularly appreciate the main lobby restaurant where the eye travels to vibrant shades of velvet that beautifully communicate with each other while one enjoys a glass of sauvignon blanc and fried chicken with potatoes. The transformation from bank to hotel is magical, and experience is unforgettable.

Now with the way in which Covid19 has influenced our lives, have you considered living in another city / country and if so, where would you relocate?

Los Angeles is one of my greatest loves. I always discover new things about the city, new angles that continue intensifying my love. I can’t see myself leaving this city.



What is the most valuable lesson this pandemic has taught you?

One must master ways to adapt to change.


You really enjoy collaborating with brands. How do you find these partnerships and which has been your favorite?

I love people and enjoy building relationships. When I choose to collaborate with a brand, it’s something deeply personal to me, as it not only represents my design but it’s an extension of our relationship. All the brands I collaborate with are very close to my heart, and I love them all.



Who is your favorite Architect?

I have a few, but I can tell you that I really admire the architecture of David Chipperfield.


If you had to choose 3 words to describe your personal style what would they be?

Bold, elegant and comfortable


What advice could you give to a young professional trying to start a career in interior design?

Go with your gut and listen to your heart.


 Photography by: Benny Chan



We would love to hear more about your work and what are you currently focused on?

I have a few brand collaborations in the works that I’m very excited about. I’m working on three residential projects, in Oahu, Venice Beach and Mexico City. I also have a commercial project in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace.



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November 11, 2020