Combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance, Aguirre Design is an American company that creates extraordinary luxury furnishings, one-of-a-kind custom pieces, and unique décor items for the modern home. Sculptural yet functional, the collections are inspired by the minimalist forms found in nature and use such elemental materials as wood, metal, and leather to forge a connection between rusticity and refinement, the past and the future. 


Each piece is conceived in the family-owned studio’s downtown New York City headquarters, and then handmade in their Long Island City warehouse with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality standards. With more than 25 years of experience crafting singular items that tell a story, owner and founder Mauricio Aguirre provides the guiding vision for the brand. Sons Mateo Aguirre and David Aguirre also give aesthetic direction and oversee operations and execution.


Together with a team of exceptionally skilled artisans, they bring each piece to life with a passion for beauty that is evident in even the smallest details. For Aguirre Design, outstanding artistry and impeccable work are at the heart of everything they do.




    Aguirre Design is a modern design house founded in 2005 by the revered Mauricio Aguirre. Our specialty is merging the moment where furniture becomes art. Mauricio has been designing and creating timeless styles of furniture for over 25 years. Design is not just what we do. It’s who we are.


    Sons Mateo and David Aguirre joined their father to collaborate and discover new ways to interpret Mauricio’s famed designs. Together, they continue to redefine how modern luxury looks and feels. The results come from exceptional materials, distinctive lines, and refined design. At Aguirre Design, quality is never sacrificed and exemplary skill is always executed.


    We believe that each piece tells a story, and we never tell the same story twice. Each piece is hand-crafted to create a unique vision. Aguirre Design presents modern furniture, brimming with masculine energy that is simultaneously warm and inviting. Our pieces are designed to age beautifully over time. Our workshop employs the finest of craftsmanship and each detail is meticulously cared for. Our brand is our pride.


    An Aguirre Design piece is always a conversation starter. We like to curate different shapes and textures to create traditional pieces re-imagined in a modern way. No matter what raw materials we use, when the elements come together, it becomes a visually stunning and bold moment. Our mission is to bring these kinds of moments into your daily life, through your furniture design.




    At Aguirre Design, we create each piece of furniture with a careful and attentive eye. Our process is a collaboration between father Mauricio Aguirre, and sons Mateo and David. We dedicate 100% of our focus and vision to each hand-crafted piece. Everything from our solid woods to cast bronze with unique hand-applied patinas are made to order. We seek to highlight each piece of solid wood’s different grain orientation. We also ensure no two pieces of leather are ever quite the same.


    We work alongside a network of skilled craftsman who help drive our creative process. We let the raw materials guide us to bring out their full potential. For special designs, we collaborate with artisanal workshops that lend their expertise to bring our visions to life. The end goal is only perfection, cloaked under the veneer of contemporary elegance. Each sculptural piece at Aguirre Design is hand-finished. Both our materials and refined design are certain to stand the test of time.




    Sometimes our designs merely serve as a starting point. The creative process is not always a linear journey. If you are inspired by one of our pieces, but keen to impress your own imagination, we are here to help. At Aguirre Design, we work with clients all over the globe, along with their interior designers and architects. We will both help design and manufacture the furniture you desire, through the lens of Aguirre Design.


    We’ll open a dialogue to find just the right aesthetic you’re looking to achieve and what type of materials speak to you. Whether you are interested in creating a landscape of shagreen, or patinated bronze details among solid woods, we have the artistic edge to help elevate your vision. At Aguirre Design, we offer a plethora of design choices that are certain to light up the right side of your brain.


    All of our creative resources are at your disposal. We will work with you to craft the perfect hand-finished elements that anchor your aesthetic. Our family is ready to tell your story through the furniture that will become part of the tapestry of your home design.